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Plans Within Plans

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I know I said I wasn't gonna post anything without pictures (and I definitely had the not posting part down pat) but the bit of work I've been able to do lately isn't exactly worth showing. Lately I've been planning some army lists a bit more, and possibly even figuring out ways that I might get a game in eventually.

So yeah very little paint being applied to models lately, but I cleaned and built a few dozen models and I've drawn up several 500 pt Wood Elf lists. I have a few friends that want to play smaller games in the New Year and this is as good a reason as any for me to finally make my Wood Elves playable. They have about everything painted except Core units right now The only sad part about me playing Wood Elves is that I now have to do another half dozen or so Dryad conversions... they look great (being Juan Diaz daemonettes with Dryad heads, arms etc.) but they take hours to build and longer to paint! Oh and the one prototype I have painted keeps breaking... I really need to stop dropping minis...

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