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Need some Iliad figs

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I'm trying to track down 3 figures from the now defunct Iliad games: Murata, female Aeromancer of Heraklyn, and the Air Elementals.Any leads on tracking these down would be greatly appreciated.Her , Him, and Them. Thanks!

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  1. johnboyjjb's Avatar
    Sorry, can't help with your search for the minis. I can say, don't get too disappointed if people don't comment. I check your blog every time it is updated.
  2. blackfly's Avatar
    Heh, thanks JB.

    I see that a lot of people read it, even if they don't comment. It's nifty to know people are interested enough to check the updates, comments or no.


    and I'm not holding my breath too hard . . . the Iliad stuff has been OOP for a while. I've got a few lines I'm checking on, so we'll see.
  3. sven's Avatar

    They are the ones I've found in stock. :)

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