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Templar knight with "Baucant" (Pegaso)

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Some days ago I orderd the Templar knight with "Baucant" from Pagaso. I allways wanted to paint a Knignt like Miniatur and was really amazed by this one.


I also order a wooden socket, were I could put on the knight. This one is from Andrea.

The Miniature is really detailed and the qualitiy is very good. It has 24 parts, wich fit really good an only the Horse and the for the coat needed some work, which were done with Greenstuff.

Than I assembled the included base on the wooden socket and modeld some Stones an conectetd the bes with the socket. After the greenstuff was cured, I applied some wood glue on the socket an base and sanded it.

I coated the base with grey primer and after the primer was dry I started to paint the stone parts. all colores I used are from the Vallejo Model Color Range.

Colors used for the stones:

Base Color: 1 part marron Beige, 3 parts basalt grey
Wash 1: 3 parts smoke, 1 base color, a lot diluted
Wash 2: + 1 part smoke
Wash 3: + 1 part black
Wash 4: + 1 part black                                                               Wash 5: +1 part russian uniform u. 1 part black

After several washes, I drybrushed the stones cause for me the stones have a more realitik look.

Brush : Base Color +1 Teil sky grey

For every drybrushing part I added more sky grey and finaly brushed with pure sky grey.

Colors for the grass:

Grasgrund: Russian Uniform
Wash: 3 parts russian uniform, 1 part smoke, 1 part black, the whole color a lot diluted

With this color I washed the grass several times and after everything was dry I brushed the grass with following colors.

1. Green Brown
2. Green Brown + Iraqi Sand

For every drybrushing part I added more Iraqui sand and finaly brushed with pure Iraqui sand.

Now I will add some ferns and som electrostatic grass, pictures follow.


To be continued...


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