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Killer Kan II Done

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 I finished off the second Killer Kan last night (except I forgot the handle in the top hatch - arg) and now I'm on to the third one. I find myself rushing a bit since I feel pressed for time before the tournament (in two weeks). I know, two weeks is a lot of time for some, but those who are older, full-time jobs, families, snow removal duties, etc. know that it can be incredibly short when looking for hobby time.

I used the pastel chalks to finish up the "dirty" panels of white and things runed out alright. Again, I find myself having issues with scale when trying the same techiques on these miniatures that I used to use on larger military models. I'll get the hang of these too over time.

The hit list for tournamnet completion stands at finishing the third Kan, basing all three Kans, build/paint one Rokkit Boy. If I still have time, I'll work up the banner poles for the Kans as well.

 White Kan Done

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  1. Sukigod's Avatar
    One of the most exciting changes to the new codex, in my opinion. Makes my Big Guns that much more viable - now I have to paint them! BS 3 Rokkets!

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