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Christmas is canceled

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Wow, I've never been un-invited to Christmas dinner before. I guess I've got some free time on my hands today...

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  1. AinuLainour's Avatar
    I feel for you man, that sucks. Join us in the CMON Christmas Feast? :)
  2. squig hunter's Avatar
    Wow, how the hell did that happen?

  3. Jericho's Avatar
    Kind of a long story. Let's just say that a comment was made about a very recent and unresolved relationship conflict, and my response was bitterly sarcastic/kinda spiteful. I think she wanted a laugh, though, so I was asked not to attend the Christmas meal... :-(
  4. Torn blue sky's Avatar
    Wooooow, i'm kina in the same boat! Sucks! Well hope you enjoy Xmas anyway, i figured this isn't any ina time to be miserable! Make the most of what you got and keep that chin up!

    All the best man, take care =D

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