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New Years goodness

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Hey all, I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday so far. Just thought I'd give a quick update while I'm still under the blissful effects of unsafe dosages of extra strength Asparin. Got a nasty cold complete with pounding headaches, sore throat and last night I had a lovely time freezing and shivering in bed despite a massive pile of blankets once I got home from the New Years shindig.

So I probably won't be doing any more painting for a day or two, I had been making some good progress on my Wood Elves, I got the second unit of Archers and the Wardancers much closer to finished. Mostly metallic trim and the weapons to do, plus hair on half the Wardancers. Shouldn't take too long. Still need to paint my 15 Eternal Guard for the campaign some of us are starting up in a week or two. I also have to finish an Arwen model that I was painting as a Christmas present for a friend... better late than never :-)

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