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More Works in Progress

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Spent a couple of hours last night watching 300 and fiddling with miniatures. Didn't get a lot of painting done...worked on one of the old elves a little bit. Primed and base coated a dwarf, started prep work on an earth elemental.

The earth elemental should be fun, it's a fairly large figure, with lots of flat surfaces, so it should be pretty quick to paint.

I also worked with green stuff for the first time ever. I put some rocks on a couple of bases and tried to fill the gaps in the new/old earth elemental. I don't have the right type of glue for resin, though. I wonder if they still make Zap-A-Gap?

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  1. Sukigod's Avatar
    Yes, they still make Zap-A-Gap. I use it all the time, saves on greenstuff!

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