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Eldar Wraithguard

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Well as a test of my blending skills and some other random musings with my brush i decided to stop from my rank and file painting of dwarves and goblins to just paint a model i had lying around. I started to use a very thin coat of scab red and added progressive amounts of blood red. This gave a nice transition across the leg of the model. Then as a highlight i added a mix of orange and white progressively to give a more extreme highlighting.

 Eldar Wraithguard

 Looking pretty good i decided to keep the whole look of the model quite dark and after slowly and painfully painting all the gems on the model (i had to go blink after a few hours of gem painting) I was happy with the overall look of the model, except for the gun and the base.

Eldar Wraithguard

The sash/loincloth part i was really happy with although the pattern was a little wonky. The whites on the model were difficult to do well to give a smooth paint job. I actually started highlighting up from black to grey to white but this left and blotchy uneven surface as i was trying to rush it so i ended up taking off those layers and the base colour all the way down to the metal and actually polishing the head of the model and giving it a white base coat then another 2 coats of white and darkening the areas to the side of the head with a little gw fortress grey. Im quite happy with the overall look, im especially happy with my freehand work and my blending. Give it a few more years and i might get the courage to enter the golden demons.


Some recommendations to me were more extreme highlighting and varnishing the model with matt varnish and then using glossy varnish on the gems. Oh and to give the model a decent base.


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