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WIP - Dwarf Thane

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Well i finally decided to start on another character and as always i spend alot longer on a character model than a normal soldier. Im pretty happy with the overall look at the moment, but i cant really decide on a colour scheme for the dragon'ey bits on his helm, im thinking a red/orange colour to go with the cloak. Obviously i have to finish the weapon and part of the helm, but i think im going to add some sort of extra fancy design on the cloak, maybe some runic pattern or celtic knot. Not sure yet, i think i'll sleep on it and decide then. Anyway heres a sneak peek:

Dwarf Thane

I should really get some decent lighting in my room so i dont have to use the flash, then maybe you'd see the detail in my highlighting on the cloak. And possibly some matt varnish. 

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