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Rejoicing in Athel Loren

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Woohoo, first game of the campaign is a massacre for the Wood Elves! I had to fight Bretonians too, which was making me nervous. In the end, my feint on the right flank with the Wardancers bought me enough time to whittle down the two units of Knights with my Glade Guard archers.

In the end the key to victory was stalling him as long as possible. I held him at arm's length for a while and eventually my Wardancers got a chance to get into combat. They soaked a charge admirably using the 4+ Ward dance, and then kicked in the killing blow next turn when they were striking first. After the Knights of the Realm and their Paladin were gone, then they mopped up the Knights Errant that butchered my archers on the far flank. The peasants ran away untouched and my Wardancers dragged home three banners and the heads of two overzealous Bretonian characters. That'll teach them to stay off the grass!

In two weeks, my Wood Elves will be back in action, and the games will be 700 points this time. Could be interesting. I'm tied for 2nd at the moment, but that won't last long with 17 people in the campaign.

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