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Painfully boring evening

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Wow that sure wasn't any fun at all... just spent an entire evening fixing models while waiting for various Windows functions to load... the registry collapsed on our family computer.

So for all the incredibly complicated ways for the Eagle to break, it picked a really boring one. The cracks in the flying stand completely gave out when I got the model home. So I had to snap off the peg, drill out the part stuck in the base, drill out the belly of the bird, touch up around the drilling, glue on a new peg and do yet more touchups. While I was doing this, I glued magnets to the bases of all the archers so that they can stick to magnetic movement trays. What a fun way to pass the time while repairing horrible Windows errors that inevitably cause new and exciting restart loops.

Update: I reached a stage in the registry repair where I had to restart, and upon restart I got a lsass.exe error where it doesn't recognize my admin password, so I can't log into Windows and I can't get access when I boot from the Windows CD. So it's still broken and it won't let me in to fix it. Time to buy an iMac.

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