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Group Photo

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Just thought I'd post a pic of the army (so far) now that I put them back in the display case. Click the image below for the full size (1200 pixel wide) image.


As my little green box of doom has been shown on here before, I can't hide the fact that I have many many many more models to paint. Many of the ones in the green box likely won't see action, but I have more Wardancers, Eternal Guard, another Eagle, and Treekin either purchased or in the mail at the moment. I'll probably bulk out the Wild Riders from 5 to 6-8 eventually, and might even get 5-6 Warhawks eventually. Needless to say, they'll be taking up two shelves before too much longer.

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  1. robin's Avatar
    Wow. You're a jerk. I'll just have to never paint armies again and then I won't have to face the fact that that's a better looking army than I could do.
  2. skeeve's Avatar
    Please, please, close up of the dragon :)
  3. Jericho's Avatar
    Closeup of the dragon requires me to touch up the dragon... it was painted on a tight deadline and I could've used another 2-3 hours to finish it up. I should totally do it though, it's kind of the centerpiece of the army at the moment... :-)
  4. blackfly's Avatar
    great looking force!

    well done 8)

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