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Freehand woes

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Once again I stuck with freehand painting. Here is the dilemma. When you free paint on minies whatever you do amount to small detail, right? So the size and the quality of brush tip are really important. Now, If you take very small brush, say 000 or even smaller the amount of paint it can hold is very small so it dries very fast. If you take a bigger brush the tip isn’t fine enough. So, I settled for long kolinsky liners.

BUT….. Problem with them that paint doesn’t dry on the bristles but DOES on the tip.

Ok … back to square one.

Added some Vallejo slow dry  - it immediately helped with drying time but the paints become viscous (possible I added too much of the retarder)

So it seems I solved one problem but created another. So, I thinned this paint more. Now, it doesn’t dry fast anymore and fluidity is better. Everything is great, Yes? NO!!! Because now it is too faint so you have to apply it multiple times, and when you work with something that about 5 mm long it really hurts… I am not saying I cannot do it, I can but I am sure there got to be technically easier way..

In addition, there is a problem with the texture I am painting on. I can paint very thin lines and very small details when I do it on a flat piece of paper … On a mini, when I do it over the layer of paint not so easy for some reason. Surface is different.

Now I am wondering whether I am missing (or rather not knowing) something very simple… After all Miniaturists who paint say lacque miniatures can paint incredibly small things… Well anyway, If anybody has any ideas I will gladly take them

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