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Thorvin : Enigma Miniaturas :

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Hello everybody!. I have painted this miniature two weeks ago. I tryed to follow a warm scheme of colours just using red, orange and leathers and then adding yellows for most metalics. Hope you like it.


It was an easy to paint miniature with an amazing sculptwork. I tryed to draw a butterfly pattern on his chest and left shoulder using beiges, oranges and red colours...

This one is the second miniature from an squad I am doing all with butterfly patterns but using different schemes. You can see the first one in my gallery, It was my second version from our elf of TALE of WAR miniatures. Painted with cold colours.

I don´t know wich scheme I will use for the next one. Maybe green...





Hola a todos. Esta figura la pinté hace ya un par de semanas. He intentado no salirme de un esquema de color cálido con rojos naranjas y cueros y luego en los metálicos es donde he añadido amarillos. Espero que os guste.

Esta es la seguna figura de un conjunto de miniaturas que quiero pintar con patrones de mariposas pero con esquemas de color muy distintos. La primera de ellas ha sido mi segunda versión de nuestro elfo de TALE of WAR que podéis ver en la galeria. Pintado con colores frios totalemente en contraposición a este otro.

Aún no tengo claro que figura y esquema elegiré para la próxima figura. Quizás verdes...

Nos vemos!


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  1. Deucalion's Avatar
    forgot to write I have added some photos to my blog´s gallery from recent works :-D
    Comeone guys, I really appreciate all comments!!!
  2. navygoat74's Avatar
    I think you pulled it off...WOW!
    I am not a huge fan of "Stunties" but I love this mini. How easy was it to prep it? Are they metal or something else. I have been considering ordering some of these minis but I don't know to much about them. I mostly paint reaper or GW. I am staring to branch out. Really nice work!
  3. Deucalion's Avatar
    I just needed to pull off an small moldline in his right shoulder, no more. The metal quality is amazing in all Latorre miniatures :-D You can also order Tale of War miniatures wich are really good too hahahaha :-D
    thanks for your comment NavyGoat74, it is really appreciate!! cheers

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