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Andrew Southall

golden demon uk project

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a few months ago i started gathering my first ideas of what my entry would be. being an avid kroot fan, i had to give another shot at making a kroot master shaper, this time being completed on time and up to standard. this year i do not have the option of entering youngbloods, so this entry requires my main focus (only entering one model)

after messing around with a few parts i left the project for about 3 months because of the break i taken from games workshop (some times it has to be done). a couple of days ago i got a huge kick up the ass to get it done when i found i have less than 2 months deadline.

originally, i didn't plan on showing my work before the big day, but since it is in its early stages, i changed my mind to show you guys a little preview..

[uploading pictures - will be up 7th Aug.]

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Painting and Modelling , WIP


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