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I hate being sick...

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So I caught a sinus infection and missed a week of work and a solid two weeks of painting. I tried painting but couldn't even see the figure in my hand let alone what I was painting, so decided I was better off sleeping.

On the plus side, I had ordered a bunch of stuff and it all came in! 10 OOP orcs from GW purchased on ebay, and a tiny 1:144 display case! The only negative was being charged $14 shipping for a tiny box with a $3 stamp on it.

I also bought a Warhammer empire militia box and some Reaper paints from bargainbingamer.com. Shawn, the owner, is very helpful and has great prices. He uses google checkout, ships quickly, and actually answers phone calls. Overall, a great experience. I'll be going back to him.

I'm looking forward to assembling some of the figures and trying out the new paints as well. I'm not sure when I'll have time, as I'm already behind on studying and the semester hasn't even started yet!

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