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Commision Works

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Please note :
Prices reflect the significant investment in time it takes to paint quality miniatures. Many painting services paint to "levels" of quality, but I prefer to paint each and every figure to the highest standard possible. This demands loads of time and patience, and more than a little skill. I refuse to just slop paint on minis and call them done. Because of this, my services are generally reserved for characters and single minis.

Commission prices for GW, Rackham, Reaper or equivalent. This is a starting price. Due to the incredible diversity of minisand their complexities, prices can vary. Each order is handled individually and a satisfactory price is agree upon before any works begins.

- Standing .................. 100€ 

- Large/complex ........... 170€

- Monster ................ various 


II can purchase all unpainted miniatures. When I am providing the miniatures I require the cost of the minis up front. Alternatively, the buyer can supply the minis. Please take into account the time required for the mini to reach me if you choose this method. The other acceptable option is to purchase the minis online and have them sent to me. Buyer is to pay all shipping costs for miniatures ordered either online or personally sent to me. I'm not responsible for any lost mail, and it is the buyer's duty to purchase insurance should they choose to do so.


Shipping method can be agreed upon with the buyer. For domestic shipping I usually prefer the national postal service of each country (USPS, Correos...) via airmail. For most individual figures domestic shipping is $6 - $9. Out of USA can vary quite a bit. I will ship the item in a box large enough to adequately and safely hold it as well as sufficient packing material. I do not charge a handling fee - only the price of the shipping service itself plus any additional shipping services such as insurance. As of yet, I have never had figures become lost in the mail. Buyer can require for a private package tracking (UPS, DHL, FedEx....), all cost will be paid by the buyer.


For payment I welcome PayPal and Bank Transfers. If for some reason you are unable to pay for your painted miniature then it will be held for 30 days. If, at that point, you are still unable to pay for your mini then it will be sold on eBay to someone else. I am a very conscientious person and it offends me when the people I do business with are anything less than that. You are welcome to check my eBay feedback here as a testament to my honesty.


Because of the demand on time, I do not do conversion work. However, you are welcome to make conversions yourself and send the mini to me for painting. Be reasonable with the conversion work.

All bases are sanded and  flocked with static grass or decorated with a stone base . I can do a little more or less such as using a round base instead of a square base.

In general, I apply sealant sprays to finished miniatures due to the risk of altering or damaging the mini during the shipping. However, I will not apply it should the buyer request it.

With all commission work I reserve the right to apply the Iguazzu's Art Studio copyright to images of it and to post those images on this website as well as various gaming websites in order to promote my services.

A¡ny questions the potential buyer may have concerning painting services can be sent to

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