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Wood Elf army progress

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Well I'm happy to say that things are still going well in the campaign for me, I'm 3-0 with nothing but Massacre results so far. Granted it's extremely hard to tie in games of 500-700 points, where killing a single unit and capturing its banner is enough for an easy win. At any rate I find myself in first place out of 17 players, and that means that in 2 weeks when we meet again I will have a bonus 100 points for my army.

Things like that are good news/bad news for me, since I have to paint models any time I want to add something to my force. For the next set of games I would like to repair and touch up my Wild Riders, and probably buy/paint one more guy to add to the unit. I will also be adding 15 Eternal Guard to the list, I painted most of the front rank while flipping between Smallville and the Superbowl this weekend. They still have a couple hours of work to do, but after that I'll have an easier time painting the back 2 ranks. The final addition to the army will be a Wardancer champion model, assuming my Mail Order comes in soon :-)

I'll post army pics when I have more progress done.

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