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Another Megabattle

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Kids decided to try out that megafortres I have been building on and off for the last year (Images bellow). What you see here is a middle of 3000+3000 points battle of Orks against a very much mixed defenders (IG, Tyranids and some chaos). Well, one thing for sure with the number of level I created in this fortress you can easily put 3000 points with a lot of space to spare. I think it is more like 5000 points deal, especially if you want to put reserve inside the fortress itself. Defenders won this battle by a wide margin. Basically when you have that much fortification attackers should have a lot of ordinance weapon. Two basilisks that Orks had (technically one basilisk and one battle wagon) were clearly insufficient.



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  1. ampao's Avatar
    That looks sweet skeeve!

    I didnt realize you were in the forest hills area! I live in elmhurst! Love your minis! :D

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