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New Album - NYC walls and the sky

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God... Coolmini is acting up today....

NYC pictures

I just started a new album where I will post some pictures of NYC I took recently. Long time ago in a black and white era and in a different place I used to do archetectural photography and some claimed that I was pretty good at it. Then it became forgoten for a long time until I received a small but very decent camera for this Christmas.

So, here you'll find some pictures taken recently. I haven't decided on the format of this album yet ans how often I will update it but here it goes.

Comments and questions are appreciated and welcomed always.

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  1. matty1001's Avatar
    Cool pictures, but your highlights seem blown out and you shadows are far to dark. Most evident on the Church (?) picture. And you just lose all the detail. If this detail is lost during editing (i.e. photoshop) you could go in with the dodge and burn and bring some of it back in, or if you have used a contrast adjustment just lower it a bit (or straighten out the curve if you have used an S curve). Alternatively use layer masks to control where you are putting the adjustments. But if these are as the came out of the camera then you may want to try messing with your exposure levels or try messing with the light settings, i.e. make the camera use an average light instead of the one you focus on.
    The red wall one is nice, lots of texture, but again the sky is blown out and is creeping onto the wall.
    PM or email me if you want any more info, i'm not an expert at this type of thing, but I do enjoy photgraphy post processing.

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