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Forging Ahead with the Trukk

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Initial thoughts on the Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun. Skeeve was right about the amount of flash dat critters got on it. Holy crap! It took me nearly an hour to clean it up before primering. The only other model that took that much prep work were the Killa Kans. I assumed it was because the mold was so old, but what's the excuse for the brand spankin' new Big Mek?

Not all is horrible though. I'm finding myself in a strange state about the new ork models. I'm beginning to dread some of them since there's sooooo much detail to them. I've got two models to complete inside a month for a tournament. One Ork Trukk (half finished as you see in my blog here) and the Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun. At the pace I work, I'm not sure I'll make it!

I finished up on the tires of said trukk last night. I'm not 100% happy with them but time makes me have to move on. The idea is the rubber on the tires hold on to dirt and dust differently than the metal of the bolted on plates/treads. I think I went a bit overboard on the weathering with too much wash and too much metal shoing through so there isn't enough contrast between them, When given the "squint eyes" test, they tend to blend together. I've got a second trukk to build so I'll try a different approach on that one.


Ork Trukk Right Side

I've also started on the engine and crew compartment. I fight with myself on these areas too. ( I fight with myself a lot, don't I? It's noisy in here) Again, due to time constraints I need to make some judgement calls on the level of detail I'm going to paint this to. The inside areas that are hard to see are going to get way less attention, drybrushing metallics and splashing a bit-o-mud here and there will about do it.


Ork Trukk Left

I love the new models GW is producing for the orks, I could not be happier about the design and details. But with me it's a double-edged sword. There's so many new models and vehicles with such amazing details that it takes longer to do these up right, but with so little time to work on them it means I get less of them done. Aaargh! Did I mention I've got 30+ boyz to paint too?

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