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Coffee and Other Things

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Ah well, another work week done.  Got to do some cleaning before Sunday, since my folks are coming to the big city with a load of my crap thats been in storage at their place since I moved out back in '94, and I have to make room for it here cause I don't want to put it in storage only to have to pull it out again for sorting.  Especially when half of it is just crap. 

Just got my second cup of coffee for the day - a bit late I know, but I can always sleep in tomorrow, especially if I can get something done tonight - don't know what yet, but something will be accomplished.

I was reading Vikes post the other day where he's talking about mentioning minis in his Blog.  Not sure that I may always do so myself.  Yes, I know its a mini site but I'm not sure I can always work minis into this thing here.  When I can I will, but if I can't, oh well.

Well, thats about all for now - got to kiss the GF before she goes to work - I may be here for a while so I may get back to this later.

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