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On efficiency :)

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Here come the story about efficiency and common sense.

After some time a finally got my green card (several month ago). Upon close examination by my Human resources they discovered that the government claims that I am a ….. female. If you look at my picture it is rather clear that I am anything but…

But it’s ok, I understand, it is an honest mistake so I mailed it back asking to correct it.

From here starts the part that I probably should suggest to somebody in Hollywood as a material for a comedy. Within about a month after I send it in I got a standard letter that confirmed that they accepted “the case” (changing F to M on the piece of plastic), and that they contact me for additional evidence to support my case (I wonder, do they really want to see my nude pictures that badly)

Then they fell silent. After about 2 more months I called them… you know, got kinda curious… the gist of my discussion was – “it takes us 180 days to establish your gender”.

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