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Should've kept my big mouth shut

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As the title suggests, I spoke too soon re: my computer situation. It didn't stay up and running for long, it was sidelined with more crippling errors shortly after I posted that. I haven't touched it for a few days, and I plan on wiping and trying one last time before setting it on fire. I'm probably not even kidding, it would be so incredibly satisfying...

Anyway I've used my week off (spring break woo!) pretty well so far. I've done like 2 hours of reading for school and put probably 6 hours of gaming and 12+ hours of modelling in so far. I have 4 Treekin WIP, 1 finished, 2 almost finished, and one freshly purchased today. The big project at the moment is a Noble on Great Stag conversion. I used a mountain of greenstuff on Morathi's Dark Pegasus to turn it into a bulky hairy beast and I must say it's looking impressive. I need to bulk out the front legs and make him a worthy rack of antlers tomorrow and he'll be ready for priming.

Well, there's one other detail that needs attending to. Being a boy deer/elk creature, and given his pose rearing up on hind legs standing on some cool ruins, he really needs boy parts. Yep, I get to sculpt a big hairy stag dong tomorrow. It's surprisingly hard to find reference material to ensure he's anatomically correct.

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