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Ork Turkk -WIP

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I think GW has gone too far. I mean, really. Yeah, yeah, I know. We screamed and shook our fists and banged on the tables for new models, better sculpts and something to make the orks proud. Why the hell did they have to give it to us? Honestly, they've gone far beyond what I would have expected and I'm glad for it. As my previous blogs reported (sound important, doesn't it?) I'm currently finishing up the Ork Trukk and it's a challenge, for a couple of reasons.

Ork Trukk

The level of detail on this is model is extreme. Every bolt, every knick and scratch are molded in. Everything is made up of multiple panels and for the most part, goes together ok. If you are the type that glues an entire model together and then paints it one color or does just the basics, it's pretty straight forward.

If you want all the details, you're in for one hell of a ride. May I suggest as with painting any model, start from the inside and work your way outward. I know the instructions don't show it this way, but you'll thank me for it when you're trying to glue your freshly painted driver into the crew compartment, behind the exhaust pipe, next to the incorrectly molded door, in front of the trukk bed, up tight against the steering/guages post. Do a lot of dry fitting and take many liberties with how GW shows you to put it together. I learned a lot from this model and will definately use this when building my next one.

Ork Trukk - Top Down 

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