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filthy english pig-dogs!

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For my scots-rebellion English: Sir Charles le Brun, his faithful hound Snoupé, and his trusted standard bearer Linus VanPelt, Esquire.

The coat of arms is actuyally authentic for a knight who fought at Falkirk and aStirling (William le Vavasour).

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Painting and Modelling , Rebellion


  1. Friar's Avatar
    I just had to say that this knight could easily be Sir Charlie Brown. Very nicely done, all your pieces seem to have a very expressive side to them :) Can't wait to see more.
  2. Friar's Avatar
    yeah so after rereading the names of your nights I relized what a buffoon I had made outta myself .... oh well lol christ I need to read things more carefully

    Keep up the good work
  3. blackfly's Avatar
    Ha! No worries Friar... thanks for the commetns; and glad you like them. :)
  4. Friar's Avatar
    I read the names and they all got an outragous french accent in my head and it was over, then I was thinkin bout how anyone would know what some medival guys dogs name was and it hit me like a mac truck.

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