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Almost done Alter Noble

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Like the title says, I'm almost done with this guy. Just have to do the horns, forearms and the vine on the scythe really. The horns will be bone, with all the swirly runes being teal-white like on the shield. I think it'll look groovy. The runes will take forever though.




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Painting and Modelling , WIP


  1. mattrock's Avatar
    jebus man, you paint FAST! It's looking great.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    I actually paint quite slowly :-) After painting a few units of Wood Elves in the same colors, with a bit of help from Foundation paints, P3's and mixing pots full of ready to go hilights, it's pretty easy to crank up the speed a bit higher than on usual figures. This guy's probably I'm guessing 5 hours in, after priming. The conversion took a while, since his metal tree stump was pinned to a resin scenic base and then I piled on a ton of greenstuff to make it all work together. I also had to sculpt wood grain onto the metal part of the tree, which had almost no texture compared to the resin tree stumps. I think the shield is that really makes this guy work in the end.

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