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Shokk Attack Big Mek WIP 2

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Here's the progress on my Shokk Attack Gun Big Mek. Having to paint, assemble, paint more, assemble more.... is making this a long and tricky model to finish. There's some in progress showing the gun prior to glueing to the main body. I wanted to reduce (or eliminate) the amount of greens stuff filler I needed due to time constraints. After test fitting multiple times, I concluded that glueing the arm at a slightly elevated angle allowed most of the other joins to be made on target without patching needed.

He is a monster - as a reference I took a shot of him next to my other Big Mek with Kustom Force Field. Maybe I'll show him next to Gaz next time. I agree with Skeeve, because of his size he should be considered in the Monster category for contests.

I also got to "field" him along with my tournament army this weekend - I'm sold on the new trukk rules. I can't wait/I'm a bit apprehensive about building the next trukk, only because I know it's gonna take  long while!

WIP of Shokk Attack Gun

I've also picked up an M88 Armored Recovery Vehicle kit to make a dedicated troop battlewagon out of. I've been jonesing for a while to do this one and now that the new rules are out I think I'll get to use it for at least 2 years ! (wink) Here's the M88. Below that is another traced vehicle I'd love to find a kit for - ATS-59G. Again, another shoo in for great ork transport!

M88 Armored Recovery Vehicle

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  1. Sukigod's Avatar
    I did find a company (AFV) that makes this as a kit, now I just have to wait for it to show up on ebay for what I can afford. The kit also comes with optional AK-AK guns which is perfect for making flak guns for Apocalypse, and magnatize them of course!

    Much appreciated!

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