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Just Starting

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I've just recently gotten into Warhammer 40K due to my roommates, and I've been painting and such for about a month. It all started when I gave them a ride to the local Games Workshop: while waiting around for them to buy things, I saw a box of Battle Sisters and fell in love =) I started a Witch Hunter army and found that the Inquisitor Lord retinue gave me a chance for lots of customizations. And, so that's what I've been doing; using greenstuff, files, sandpaper, and exacto knives to build a really weird-looking retinue. Since I don't really forsee myself playing against anyone else besides my friends, and because I find it more fun to build than to play, I don't really care if the minis are going to be legal to play. I just want them to look cool.

As soon as I get a chance to, I'll take some pictures of my works in progress. I've got a bunch. And I still need to learn how to properly use inks and shading, so the painting isn't really good. But I'd like to think my conversion skills are at least adequate.

Here's a list of what I've been building/converting:

Warrior, Combat Servitor = Imperial Guard Cadian Officer turned into Kamen Rider

Warrior, Crusader = Imperial Guard Cadian Officer turned into Captain America

Warrior, Gun Servitor = Eldar Heavy Weapon Crewman turned into War Machine

Warrior, Gun Servitor = Eldar Striking Scorion turned into Iron Man

Chirurgeon = cake decoration I found turned into Frylock form Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Chirurgeon = Body of a horse + upper half of a spare Thousand Son my friend gave me got turned into something I call a Thousand Sontar

and some other minor things. Most of the things are finished being built, but I really need to learn how to paint.

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