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Another Alter Kindred update

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Used my wet pallete for the first time on the runes. I mix up a lot of the blue/teal color all the time, and now I have a reasonably large amount of all the intermediate hilights and stuff. Should last a while, since it's usually an accent color and not used for large areas. And this way I don't have to make a bunch of mixing pots :-D

Seeing the pics, I should paint the eyes of the hawk helm glowing blue/white, to match the runes. The forearms will likely match the boot leather, and the straps on his thigh will be Snakebite brown. If I get an hour or two tomorrow, he'll probably be finished.

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    I sense an entry for something here. Am I wrong? It looks very good. Although... the blue/white on horns may be a tad too bright. May be you can balance it by highlighting armor more. On the other hand it goes very well with the shield. Great mini overall
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    I don't really plan on entering this guy in any contests, his main purpose will be to kick ass and take names in my army :-) I might toss him in the Golden Toadstool contest, like I've been doing lately with whatever random figs I finish that month.
  3. blackfly's Avatar
    I'm not particularly fond of the miniature, but you still made me take notice- well done. :)

    I particularly like your greens in all the various incarnations, and the helmet bronze. The blue swirlies on the horns look quite eye catching as well. Nice work!

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