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Display base for Dryads

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This was a lot more fun than I thought! I built a display base/movement tray for the Dryad regiment. I used a 99 cent wood thingy from a craft store, and carved up several pieces of balsa wood to accomodate the bases. The tops of the bases are almost exactly the right level to match the stand, it looks really nice in person when you can get a better sense of depth. Same as before, click the image for a bigger/clearer shot.


Tom one-upped me for the day's work though, he's got the core of a Necron army painted now. The other half is based and primed, ready for drybrushing/washing/etc. Last night they were still on the sprues. I get jealous of people who can speed paint and get good results!

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  1. brad's Avatar
    Stuff has been looking great! I have been following the progress of your army for a while. I too am working on the W/E.
    I have turned 2 of the daemonettes into dryads to rep. my branchwraiths.
    Can't wait to see them and the stag conversion all painted up!
    cheers, B
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    Thanks for the words of encouragement! Been a while since I had a comment on any blog posts :-D I should be able to get a decent amount of army painting done in the next 2 weeks once my finals/term papers are all turned in for the semester. I'm not sure what I want to do as gaming figs, or whether I want to make some into Games Day entries but I have way more ideas than I can fit into the categories right now!
  3. brad's Avatar
    Hey, just noticed your from Edm. I have been gaming and modeling at a place called "Redclaw" here in town. Every Wed. I head over for some games and such. Have you checked it out yet?
  4. Jericho's Avatar
    I'm in a gaming club, we actually were playing with Tom from Red Claw before real life concerns took him away from us for a while. Weeknights were really booked up for me, between night classes and other commitments. I would consider gaming there more, but it's like a half hour drive from where I live :-D
  5. brad's Avatar
    war-room? Or in St. Albert? I drive over there from the west end.
  6. Jericho's Avatar
    We rent out the War Room on Sundays, but we're not technically members there or anything.
  7. brad's Avatar
    ahhh yes. Tom told me about that. He and G (H-elves) were there a few sundays for some games. If you get the chance try and make it down to R-C, I would love to see your models in person!!!
    p.s. good luck on the exams and such!

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