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WIP - Thousand Sons

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Well as a break from all my army building and lack of motivation for rank and file painting i decided to just paint a thousand sons marine using NMM technique. Normally i will glue the whole model together to paint but with this model i decided to do it piece by piece. I used a small amount of green stuff to show those small cylinders on his leg. The blending is quite smooth and im happy with it the blue especially but i think with my yellow/golds i could possibly improving my technique there with practice. I think maybe the amount of hightlights on the gold and the positioning of it all makes a huge difference.

Thousand Sons Marine WIP 

Thousand Sons Marine Back View - WIP 

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  1. Arctica's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment, the base slabs are made of cork board from any local modelling supplier, it was about £9 for a huge mat of the stuff.

    I didn't want to go with the norm of lava with the bases so i figured tzeentch are usually surrounded by magical energy and the purple would be a nice colour, altho i need to add a little purple to the stone showing a bit of a glow effect.

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