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Rune Wolf

State of my armys (paint jobs)

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So far I've been concentrating on painting the Wolves, as I didn't have any totally painted models to start off with. Currently I have:

7 Blood Claws
4 Grey Hunters
2 Grey Hunters

I'm trying to make the Grey Hunters up to minimum squads of 6, and then get a HQ choice (probably a venerable dread as I have one that is already half painted) so I have a legal army. (minimum for wolves is 1 HQ per 750pts and 2 Grey hunter squds which are our standard troops)

As for the Empire, I already have a fair ammount painted:

13 spearmen painted (including full command) as Altdorf colours
5 swordsmen in Mi
ddenland? Colours (White and Blue)
5 Militia in Middenland colours
10 Handgunners inc. long rifle in Hochland colours
10 Handgunners inc. repeater musket in Hochland colours
1 Great Cannon and crew in Nuln colours

I'm not as eager to paint them up as it's likely I'll get used to 40k (including the new version comming out soon) before I get back into fantasy. I'm really not sure to continue with seperate colours for each unit. On one side I like having a uniform army, but on the other, a little diversity is nice too, and makes it easy to quickly differentiate on the battlefield...

Will try to get some photos up tonight of my work so far.

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