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Another day is done -

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Well, another one in the record books.  Spent most of my day arguing with people who have more money than sense.  If you can't operate a computer (I just aint that computer savvy) why the hell would you buy a $400 cell phone that is run by Windows?  And why would you call your cell phone manufacturer for support with Microsoft Outlook? Finally why would you think I'm going to give you the support you need with Outlook when I've explained my support limits four times and you're threatening to take the phone back to the store where you bought it?

On to other things - Got Zodiac yesterday and watched it last night.  For those of you out there not familier with the basis for the movie - in the late 1960's and early 1970's there were a string of unsolved murders in California, and a killer who sent a series of letters and coded messages to the San Francisco Chronicle along with the other major San Fran papers.

The case was never solved with the main suspect in the case dieing just before an interview with police in 2000.  Now, this being a murder case, there was a possibility of gruesome and more blood than a Cecil B. DeMill epic.  However, the director kept the vast majority of the violence off screen - you only see the first two killings in any detail, and even then I've seen more blood splatter in NFL playback - and spilled more playing Soccer/Football back when I was less round in the middle.

Overall a pretty decent flick and I would recommend it - its nice to see a return to the psychological drama rather than the psycho drama.

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