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Sisters coming along nicely

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I'm really having some fun converting and placing these Sisters of Battle on urban rubble style bases. It's the same basic plan as the Blood Ravens bases: cork for concrete, help from the bitz box and plasticard for making fallen beams, pipes and lots of tank accessory bitz for random junk on the ground.


I'm really liking them so far, and I haven't even added the sand or the spent shell casings on the ground yet (1.2mm plastic rod chopped up to approximately bolter shell size). It's a pretty laborious process, but the result should be a pretty spiffy looking army of Sisters. I'm looking at about 75 models total if I paint everything I own... and I probably need to buy about 10 assorted models to get more flamers, meltas and heavy bolters. I'm estimating 2k territory for the finished army.

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