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Cryx Part 04

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Well i started painting one of the models, i wanted a dark feel to the model so the main armoured plates i used a mix of darkblue and black paint to get the base colour and progressively added grey to the mix its not a subtle highlight at all but i kinda got the effect i wanted anyway. The reason of doing it this way was so that i can then carefully put evil runes on the darker plates giving it a more "cryx-like" feel. Im happy with the gold nmm on the feet area but it could be a little bit neater and i think the grey mechanical parts are getting there but the transition isnt smooth enough so i will correct that in due course and then add some rust effect for the next steps. I've also done the fiddly glowy green bits of the core in the crevices, i will do the illuminating effects once the rest of the model is finished.

Defiler 03

Total Time (14 hours) 

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Painting and Modelling , Warmachine


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