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Khador 01

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Well been busy glueing and cleaning up my khador boxed set. Omg they are the worse mold of any models i've ever had, spent a good 20 hours in total putting together the khador boxed set and preparing the bases and green stuffing everything together. Im glad i've finally gotten them done here's a quick sneak peek at them, but they're only primed.

Boxed Set 01

Note behind them i also have a devastator but i figured i'd paint that without the arms on so i can get into the deeper areas, but im going to do a dry fit of the arms first so i know what position i want it in. But again the mold wasnt great so i had to recreate a big portion of the arm protection on the devastator using green stuff.
devastator 01

Khador Total Time (21 hours)

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