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Cryx Part 03

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Ok so after spending an evening drilling, filing and glueing stuff and my fingers together i was able to assemble the models and remove mold lines and green stuff any of the gaps. The slayer took me a little longer since its such a large model and i didnt finish green stuffing the arms until day 2 of the assembly process.

Cryx 01

Gave every model a black primer except for the slayer since the green stuff isn't dry yet. I'm so excited about painting the models so i painted the base of one of the models.

Defiler 01

Base coat of adeptus battlegrey and then a black ink all over the lot, go nuts with the stuff. Once that was all dry another base coat of adeptus battle grey thinned down and applied several times to give a smooth base, leaving the gaps of the tiles and the areas around the rivets on the metal plate. Then i highlighted it up with some fortress grey gradually on the edges and then added some vallejo white to the fortress grey for a final highlight. The lettering was then done with the highlight colour of the grey, i thinned it down a bit and added a bit of bleached bone to the mix. This was painted on slowly and then i used some fortress grey to make the edges of the writing was a little ragged. The photos turned out nice but they dont show some rust effect on the metal plates, so i might make them a little more brighter to be seen easier. For now im very very happy with the progress.

Time: (10 hours)defiler 02

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