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the start

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hello!! this is how it all began lol. from a young age id allways been into anything artistic mostly drawing as pencils are cheap!.i had a fairly normal upbringing on a large council estate called bransholme in the city of hull uk.

my life plodded on untill 1 day filled with teenage angst and woe i found myself faced with a drug by the name of heroin.coupled with my i dont realy give a f**K attiude and the world hates me mentality i took it.and took it and took it(not a great life stratergy but there u go!)after about 3 years addicted to this substance i hit a wall(or grow up some)and new i had to change my ways.i got on a detox program wich i struggeld with for a year or 2 then finsihed it then went and got adicted again!(duh)

so i went on another detox tryed my best then 1 day a few months into it i walked past my local gw(i remembered a friend showing me some elder art work at school) went inside talked to the manager for a bit then bought a banshee and a few paints.took back the next day were he told me not to paint straight from the pots and to mix and thin the paints! i got another mini painted it and took it in to my suprise he was very impressed with it and put it in the display cabinet.i felt so off i went again painted another then found converting and an old how to book to it by mike mcvey very good book.

6 weeks from the day i started painting the are manager at the time was in the store and asked me if id like to try for the evey metal team!so i sent them off.they called me to come to the studio(i bite there hands off lol)

i had a great day sein some wip as i sat with them trying to match there skill leval(failing badley lol) then at the end off the day i went into a bordroom were after a few mins was asked could i start in in 2 months.crap 2month id need 3 to finish my detox. i said yes convicing myself i could make 2 months later i cut off my detox and moved to nottingham.4 days after that i moved back was too soon i just couldnt cope with it all. and slowly my old ways krept back again i battled with my demons eventualy got back on a detox and soon after started painting again.this time was different tho i emersied myself in this hobby of ours mini after mini converting sculpting painting.baisicaly i replaced a negative a addiction with a positive 1.

i improved my standard managed to pick up a few golden demons.a few months after i was clean and had the right mentality to stay that way i slowed my mini prodution.perhaps to prove to myself i didnt need it as a cruch.then 1 day half way through a mini i just stoped.

7 years later im settled with a wonderfull woman who is working on a mini of our own.strangley this conception happend near enough at the same time i had an idea for a mini.could i still convert could i sculpt would my paint job suck?!only 1 way to find out so i bought some terminators got out my sculpting tools n green stuff(about 2kgs of it lol).

it was slow and i was rusty but i got there making a mini i was proud came the hard part the paint job.many hours and repaints later i finished it.last night in fact and id forgotten just how good it feels i sat here for 20 mins last night just smileing lol.and i guess i just wanted to share that even if no 1 reads this route to mini painting may well differ from most but i wouldnt change my past it made me who i am.i have a good life all apart from 1 small thing......i dont have a camera to post my mini arggggggggggh lol


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