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First Babble!

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....So I hate to start something on a downer note, but WUTTAFUH????  I mean, I know it said "Safari Support is experimental at this stage, so don't even bother sending in bug reports", but YOIKS!  It's craziness!

Plus it totally erased everything I'd written before.  FORTUNATELY, there's copy and paste.

So, let's try this again.

Hi.  I'm Chael!  I've started this blog to post up my first attempt at a Work In Progress; if it works well (and once I'm able to actually take QUALITY pictures), I will actually post 'em up in the message boards.  Until then, consider yourselves guinea pigs.

SO!  First babble:

As it said in my short-but-sweet intro (...did it actually post, I wonder?  Safari Support for this blog is really really weird), I am a D&D Gamer Geek.  Edition 3.5; I still have to be wooed over to 4th Edition.  Good luck on that!  Anyway...I’ve been playing the same campaign for something like THREE years; my character just hit level 27, and she’s the lowest level out of all of our characters.

Out of my circle of friends, I am somewhat recently dubbed the designated miniature painter.  It’s a sweet deal; my GM (Game-Master, storyteller, big head honcho, guy who’s likely going to kill us all) hands me free miniatures to paint for XYZ games from now, and I get experience painting, plus of course my ego gets all the oohs and aahs that come with “SWEET!  That mini looks AWESOME!”

And he recently “bribed” me.  He takes me aside one morning, before everyone else arrives, and hands me two boxes.

One is Privateer Press’s “Legion of Everblight - Carnivean”.  BEAUTIFUL figure.  “I’ll need this done in a few months,” he says, and I nod.

He then hands me another box: “Legion of Everblight - Warmongers.” He grins at me and says, “And this is to bribe you to do it.”


So...he essentially just gave me something like $40 worth of minis in return for assembling and painting this one.

Does that count as a commission? 

SO!  Cue a string of Not Being Able To Paint -- recent move, yadda yadda.  But I finally am able to set up my painting table and get to work on the Carnivean!

.....He comes in 13 pieces.

So, saw the ugly base bits off his feet, drill 8 holes (....lesson is learned later in this story), pin 8 pieces together.  The others are so thin that I figure super-glue will do the trick, and then I’ll reinforce when I greenstuff the gaps.  Greenstuffing takes maybe a night to get all the gaps filled and ready for primering.

SO.  All that is left, about...ohhhh....last Thursday night, is attaching the now-assembled critter to the base.  I just popped a piece of corkboard to the base, to be some rock, and have drilled holes in the Carnivean’s feet.  Pin ‘em, line ‘em up with the cork, and drill holes in the cork-base to support.

So I’m setting the Carnivean into the cork base, being careful but encountering resistance.  And I press just a little TOO hard. X.x  POP goes one of his shoulder spikes.

GAH!  That’s another night wasted!  I was gonna set him, glue him, and primer him Thursday night so I could paint Friday!

Ah well.  It’s late; I’ll fix him Friday.

Friday, sure enough, I fix the spike.  Set it, greenstuff it. But again, it’s late; it’s after work, and I like giving the greenstuff enough time to set before primering.  So....night gone.  But at least I’ll be able to primer him Sunday, after I take a few photos for a Work In Progress!  (Saturday, I’m off playing my D&D game.  Geek Joy! )

So.  Sunday - morning and afternoon, I have obligations.  But I get home Sunday afternoon, fresh posterboard in my hand, ready to set up for some PHOTOS!

I set up.  I place my Carnivean on the board.  I turn away for two seconds.

I hear a THUNK.

..........His head has fallen off.


Lesson learned.  It may have LOOKED too small, but it NEEDED to be pinned.  Folks, if you ever paint the Carnivean...?  Yeah.  Just....yeah.

So!  Pinned it, greenstuffed it.

Slapped it back on the board, and photographed it before it could try any other tricks.

....Huh.  I dunno if it's working.  I don't think it is.  I tried to insert an image here.

Okay!  We’re gonna do it the old-fashioned way.  Photobucket!  (Or you could just look in the album I created, called “Carnivean WIP”.)

Carnivean 5

Carnivean 4

Carnivean 3

Carnivean 2

Carnivean 1

Questions or comments welcome.  And hi!  Great ta meetcha.

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  1. Amazon warrior's Avatar
    Just thought I'd say, entertaining post, and it all seems to have come out ok- text, pictures, all that jazz. Sounds like you have an awesome GM! :)
  2. blackfly's Avatar
    Yup, be prepared for annoyances with this blog software. Many bugs that will not be fixed. Safari and Firefox compatibility is terrible, etc. *shrug*

    Welcome to the fun of it though... good luck with that big beastie of a fig. :)

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