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Carnivean, the Continuing Saga...

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Okay!  Blog entry # 2!

As a side note -- you *should* be able to click on the “...” on my First Babble and read the Expanded Entry.  There are pictures!

Strangely, I can’t expand my First Babble on a PC, but it works just fine on a Mac.  Odd indeed.

So yeah!  If ever my post ends with a “...”, try to expand the post, either by clicking on it (where a link to the post SHOULD be), or clicking on the post’s name to the left.

So hi again!  Two days later and progress has been made on my Carnivean!  Yesterday, I primered him; I primer just outside of my apartment, outside the complex so no one can kvetch at me that I’m stinking up the inside.  This attracted the attention of two sets of passers-by who found what I was doing endlessly fascinating.  I had a five-minute conversation with the first set (a mother and child), where the child was RAVING about how cool my (as yet-unprimered) miniature was, and did they make miniatures of Master Chief and other Halo things, and could I get one for him?


And then the second one, magically appearing JUST after I’d finished primering the Carnivean: an elderly Asian couple who expressed a brief interest before thanking me for my time and continuing on their walk.

People are fascinating sometimes.  I’m just saying.


So yesterday my Carnivean was primered; today, I created his stand (my usual method of “one cork per mini” just will NOT work on him, so I put together FOUR, glued ‘em, taped ‘em, and stuck ‘im on top.  Works like a charm!).

I also blacklayered the Carnivean, so that all the parts that the primer missed are covered.  Yay for even surfaces!

It was also interesting to see that even though I gave him a long hard look, I still missed two pieces of flash!  Those were removed and painted over.

So, that’s really it.  I need to make myself a dedicated photography station, if I am to do a Work In Progress, step by step.  ‘Cause otherwise the setup / breakdown time for the photography is gonna kill me.

I’d LIKE to get this guy done in two weeks.  We’ll see how realistic that is.

I only have a few photos to share this time, and they are NOT quality at all.  I need to get a better light setup (waiting ‘til the end of the month when I get a light cube!!!), and I really should have found a third light to shine from below; he is WAY too dark.  I had to enhance the photo too much, just so I could see any of the detail.

Whattaya want, I’m learning.

Anyway!  From this:

Carnivean 1 this:




Hoping the photos will clear up by next time.  ‘Cause I’ll be doing base colors!  Excitement!

Anyway, that’s all from me.  More as it happens!  As usual, questions and comments are welcomed.

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