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Khador 02

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Well here is an update on my painting. I wanted to do something with a bit more colour than my Cryx, so i decided to work on my Khador models. After i finished doing the red highlights i wanted to do something with the large areas to make the model seem a bit more interesting so i added some freehand lettering on the shoulder areas. I particularly like the contrast of colours between the main colours and the base. So my juggernaut is done but my photography skills still suck so much, I also painted Sorscha but i think i can do better with the face. The photos dont do her any justice i need to figure out some how to take brighter pics. But both models were fun to paint. Not too many more to finish all my warmachine models but my motivation for my 40k has come back and i will be working on them soon.

Juggernaut 01

Sorscha 01 

Total Khador Time (46 hours)

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