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Cryx 15

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Ok so i've been busy again painting in my free time after a nice brisk jog in the heat last couple days. Im really happy with the way i've painted the arms they match up well with the model. I looked at the model and i wanted some other colours to break up the model a little, so i painted some of the corrugated piping on the model in a blue sort of energy feel to them. I haven't done any OSL on the model yet since im still trying to decide whether i like it or not on these models. I want to add some rust effects to the model but im not sure if i will yet. The runes on the main armour plate were quite fun to paint but they didnt show up well on the model. I have ordered a light tent with 2 lamps so i should be able to take some decent photos once that comes in and i will post them. Anyway comments and criticisms are very welcome.

Slayer 12

Slayer 13

Slayer 14

Slayer 15

Slayer 16

Total Time (47 hours)


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