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The Carnivean Continues!

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A’right!  Time for the next in the series of Carnivean: The Adventure!

So, my friend wants the Carnivean to be colored, essentially, the way you see him on the box.  So that makes his skin white, white, WHITE.  Not Pale Elf Flesh. WHITE.  I even read up on how Privateer Press paints their Carniveans: They use pure white for the skin and then shade with an ice blue.  Now, I’ve painted an albino before, but this would be quite different.  First, there was still a hint of life in the albino’s cheeks -- I used a tiny wash of warm (but light!) fleshtone to counter the cold of her near-white skin.  The Carnivean?  Pure white, none of this “near-white” stuff.  Second, and more important, the albino?  Tiny little human figure.  The Carnivean?  BIG.  And LOTS of flesh to paint.

Yanno?  I didn’t realize until I had the Carnivean in my hand: this guy has so much skin showing!  I thought he was mostly armor!  I was a little concerned: my previous attempts to paint large areas of skin had been patchy.  Fortunately, it worked for the mini in question.  But I wanted this to be a QUALITY mini.  I wanted to do such a good job on the Carnivean that I could enter it into the Strategicon contest at the end of this month.

...Admittedly, I was surprised in the past to see such a small turnout on the Strategicon contest.  But hey, if I could at least compete against a few good folks, I could maybe pick up a few good pointers, etc.  All in all, ALWAYS a good thing to go to a competition.


So yeah, I wanted to do a good job on the Carnivean here!  So I steeled myself, grabbed a few sizes of brushes, and set in!

And let me tell you, I have learned a lesson!

You see, I went to San Diego Comic-Con this year -- my first year going.  And while there, lo and behold, Privateer Press had a booth!  It was a great opportunity to see some of their professionally-painted miniatures up close.  Yay study time!

Now here’s the thing.  While I was sniffing around their paints, they had one of their representatives giving me a sales pitch on the paints.

I heard: “Blah blah blah paint blah blah blah coverage blah blah so much better than Games Workshop blah blah blah sales pitch blah blah.”

Now, I probably *could* have made do with my Games Workshop paints.  I need to use ‘em!  I have 40 colors AND the wash set AND the basecoat set.  I really didn’t need the paint scheme for Legion of Everblight.

But I figured, what the heck.  They had the little box set for the Legion of Everblight (of which the Carnivean is a member), and my DM friend wanted the Carnivean to look as close as possible to the figure on the box.

So I snagged it.  Why not?

The moment of truth: the actual painting over the blacklayer.  How would Privateer Press’s “Formula P3” paint match up with the already-impressive Games Workshop basecoat paints?

...Oh Emm Eff Gee.

I mean, really.





One layer.  Boom.  The end.


P3 is my Master now.

(You can quote me, Privateer Press!)

The paint is smooth and goes on easily, whether watered down or not.  Tons of pigment in the paint, so literally one drop of paint will give you a lot to work with.

Yeow.  I’m sold.

So!  Basecoat went on smoothly, and then, just to mix it up a little, I decided I’d stray maybe a TINY bit from the box.

I took GW’s wash series, and gave the basecoat a good wash of dark blue, and then of purple in the under-areas (pits, under the legs).  From there, I highlighted in steps, finishing with a subtle white, typically using a drybrushing technique, but with the brush a liiiiittle more loaded than your typical “drybrush”.

The result was a good mix of shading (P3 dry-blends like a dream), but it was mostly blue!  I had to go over it again to brighten him up so that he was white!

So that’s what I did tonight.  I brought the white back out, so he’s mostly a white critter with plenty of blue shading.


Oh, and again, bear with me: I still don’t have my lightcube, nor a third light source yet, so you’ll see a lot of red and brown reflections of light.  I assure you, there is not a single drop of red on the mini!







More as it happens!

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