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New Camera, old figures

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I have treated myself and brought a new camera. I got myself a Canon EOS 1000D (rebel if you are American). Great fun and so very much easier than borrowing the work camera. To celerbrate this I hove photographed some old but favourite figures. These were painted three and a half years ago and used a lot of brass etched leaves and green stuff.

Enjoy if you like those things.


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  1. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    I've always loved Wood Elves, and these Dryads are beautifully converted. The leaves really add to it, I particularly adore the willow trees and the root feet on the first model. Autumn themed army I assume?
  2. Target's Avatar
    Thanks lady, yes they are autumn themed. The only problem was I never finished the rest of the army. BTW. Love your painting room, I'm very jealous, all I have is part time access to to our dining table.
  3. Observer's Avatar
    Very impressive work. They look so realistic and still so fantastic!

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