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Nidzilla Project 01

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Ok so here is the first part of the monsters in my nidzilla army, i was testing different combos if colour on some rippers but settled for a red flesh with black carapace with purple highlights. A touch of green and blue for some colour offset. Im really happy with how it all looks the rippers look great, and i will be doing a step by step of my carnifex .. well kinda.


Carnifex 01

I've based up the model and put on a base colour of foundation red on the model and inked it brown all over. No need to worry about it being sloppy until i've finished the main colour and highlights. Then the next step:

Carnifex 02

So here is one with layers of red highlights:

1. Scab red

2. Scab red + Mechrite red

3. Mechrite red

4. Mechrite red + blood red

5. blood red 

Then i touched up the black carapace and the parts im not painting in red. I've left the weapon sac and feeder part because im undecided on what colour to work on yet. I might mix it with a pink/beige and red give it a more sickening look.

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