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Nidzilla Project 03

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Ok so i finally finished my first carnifex, overall im very happy with how he looks i think i could have blended some areas a bit better and been a bit neater in areas too, but for now im going to leave it at that as im a bit tired.

Carnifex 06

Carnifex 07

The bone was done starting with:

1. Scorched Brown

2. Scorched Brown + Bestial Brown

3. Bestial Brown

4. Bestial Brown + Bleached Bone

5. Bleached Bone

 Then i added some green to the model on the vented areas for some colour and finally i painted the sac a mix of bronzed flesh and scab red to give me a sickly pink colour and progressively added more bronzed flesh to the mix to highlight the areas where the bulges are pushing against the sac for a bit more of a sickly effect.

Next step is to start putting together a bigger beastie or i might move back to my marines and get working on more thousand sons since im trying to keep all my painting interesting a varied so im constantly trying different things.

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