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Nidzilla Project 04

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Ok, so i spent a few days converting, cleaning and removing the mold lines and putting together 2 fexes for this monster army. Overall im happy with them and the charging one is much more dynamic than the normal ones.

 Charging Fex - this was the one that took the longest to convert, i added a plate to the underbelly of the beast. Then i repositioned the legs to show it charging and put in a large pin into the base so that the foot can support the whole body. I grinded off some the ridges on the tail area and i made it straighter than a curved position. The spikes on the back was easy enough to just glue and the head took a while to do. What i did with the head was cut half of it off to fit the regenerate to it and then i added some spikes to the head.  et voila its looking good, time to get painting.

 Charging Fex 01

Charging Fex 02

Charging Fex 03

Charging Fex 04

Charging Fex 05

Shooty Fex - So this one was a little bit easier to do ... or so i thought. The stance was easy enough but i positioned the legs a bit further apart so i used some green stuff to help separate it a bit. I wanted to add spores launcher thing on the armour plating but include some reinforced armour too, so i took another piece of carapace and put one ontop of another and made the inside part look a bit more gooey and monstery like.  The arms couldnt position itself all that well so i thought this is a monster shooting guns with things living in its back so its going to be heavy and always be in that position, so i positioned the arms on the lower part of the body and blocked up the normal grooves and added a bit more armour plating. 

Shooty Fex 01

Shooty Fex 02

Shooty Fex 03

Shooty Fex 04

Overall im happy with both, my green stuff skills are getting much better but i will keep working on it. One day i might try the ultimate by sculpting from scratch, but for now its this and then smaller bits and bobs. Now i gotta paint them both.

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