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The Chaos Divide

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Looking back at my first army when i restarted collecting minis about 3-4 years ago i started with a nightlords chaos army, however, since my painting is getting better and my chance to play games has dropped i thought this would be a good time to divide my army into two and form separate armies of world eaters and thousand sons.

I am going to try and keep the armies fairly fluffy. So i might aswell work on the basic troops, i stripped the paint of a portion of my old night lords models ready to be converted and repainted, but i managed to get 22 khorne beserkers from ebay for a total of £6.40 which is a complete bargain and im so happy with that. Admittedly the models are glued in strange ways e.g. hooks on hands and skulls with chains on them on the backpacks but i can deal with all that and redo it, plus all the mold lines were there (i hate mold lines !!!! ). Anyway onto the first of many wips to come.

world eater 01 - 00

So first things first, prime the model, work on the base, i wanted to keep the base in line with Khorne with blood and skulls, maybe some fire later. But for now i did a dusty cracked floor and i added some skulls which i found online from a nice place called black cat bases ( which sold 100 metal skulls for £10 and they're really quick and nice about things. So then i had a bit of trouble doing the blood on the base, i painted the base white and inked it different colours for the whole lot to get the broken sandy floor, then i added a massive globule of PVA glue with a mix of brown ink and red ink to the PVA globule to give me my blood, done 3 globules ontop of each other to get the final effect atm, it looks nice but a timely process of waiting between drying. Base coat of scab red and then i used blood red to highlight up to pure blood red with thin watered layers. So far it looks promising but i might take the highlights up another notch and make them a tad brigther than what i have now.

Comments and criticism are welcome and this will be updated quite alot now.

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