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Carnivean: DONE! :)

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Whew.  Been some time.

I am pleased to say, though, that I have finally finished my Carnivean!  He’s actually been done for about a week now, but I haven’t had much time to stick him in my light cube and photograph him.

My photography skills are still lacking, I fear.  But the photo quality is improved all the same!  Yay light cube!

So with this ultra-cool light cube, there are two colored backgrounds; one is white, the other blue.  I was playing around with both this time around, to see which I would like better.  With the Carnivean, it creates an interesting contrast, because his skin is white and the shading is blue.  The backgrounds really make a difference in which colors are enhanced -- which, yeah, any artist who’s taken Art 101 could tell you, but it’s always fun to actually *see* the difference instead of just reading about it.

Anyway.  Just for the fun of it, here are the pictures using *both* backgrounds.  Again, apologies for the lack of photography saavy; some of the detail of the mini is lost.  All the same, though...I’m proud.

First commission....check!

Carnivean Blue BG 1 Carnivean White BG 1

Carnivean Blue BG 2 Carnivean White BG 2

Carnivean Blue BG 3 Carnivean White BG 3

Carnivean Blue BG 4 Carnivean White BG 4



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